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1 Update Log on July 14th 2013, 7:07 am


(I don't know where the original one went so I'll be making a new one here. any staff member of Dev/HGM ranking or higher may update this log.) This log is in effect as of July 14th 2013, any updates before hand will not be recorded.

Staff Updates:
7.13.13-!Tag command fixed. (used to kill GMs as well)

In-Game Updates:
7.15.13-Headless Horsemen now have 35k HP and give 400k EXP.
7.15.13 - Added 6 warp commands. @train, @farm, @hangout, @love, @arcade, and @home.
7.15.13 - Home switched to Ellin Forest : Altaire Camp
7.16.13-Headless Horsemen now have 30k HP and give 600k EXP.
7.16.13-Starter Map changed to MapId: 300000100
7.16.13-New command: @team, @staff, or @stafflist.

NPC Updates:
7.14.13-Inkwell in the FM is now a JQ NPC (most JQs still don't have a reward.)
?-Nimakin Fixed no error when changing hair. (Used to give an error when selecting newer hairs from the first option menu)
?-Kin hairs were also shifted to have a more even amount in both menus.
7.16.13-Starter Package NPC added

Event Updates:
?-"Terrorist, Dodgebomb, and Tag" have been added to the server.
7.16.13-"Escape The Bomb" event added
7.16.13-"Escape The Bomb" renamed to "Reach The O".

WZ Updates:
7.13.13-Custom FM Added, for those that don't have it please download it from here

Forum Updates:
-Update Log established

Website Updates:
7.14.13-Working Vote button

Upcoming Updates:
-Tag range shortened
-Bomb timer shortened
-More Hair/eyes/items/chairs (hopefully from different versions of MS, such as KMS.)
-Custom Sound WZ (In progress)
-More Events (In progress)
-FM Room Spawns finished

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