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Cloud Points Contest!

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1 Cloud Points Contest! on June 29th 2013, 2:26 am


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Hey everyone, so I'm going to start a competition on the forums called the Cloud Points Contest. You all should know what Cloud Points are. Cloud Points are the forum way of showing how popular/active you are on the forums. You get x amount of Cloud Points by replying to threads, starting thread, receiving "thanks", etc. The amount of Cloud Points you get differ from each section. In some sections, you earn more points as oppose to others. Anyways, the competition will start July 1st, 2013 and end as soon as their is a winner! 

Must have a forum account (U DUN SAY!?!?!)
Spam posts DO NOT COUNT and the points earned by spam will be deducted from your total.
You will not know which sections give more points. (common sense: the most important sections)
If you were banned from the forums at any time, you are not eligible to participate. (unless you were wrongfully banned)

How to win:
Easy. The first to reach 10,000 Cloud Points wins.
After reaching 10,000 Cloud Points, please screenshot it to avoid any technical problems and PC me in XAT or in game. We will then proceed from there Smile

If you are the first to reach 10,000 Cloud Points, you are the first and only winner.

You will receive:
-10 DS Eggs (10 IoC's!)

-A custom usergroup (colored username) on forums. You are allowed to choose the name AND color of the usergroup. Nobody may join it except you.

-A custom Guild Name.

-A custom username change.

-A chair of choice.

*Please note: You may choose to not take any of these rewards.*

Thank you for participating. Btw, I made it pretty easy to earn 10,000 Cloud Points.

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